About Bev Bunker

Painting has been my lifeline, passion, and door into the world of creative and artistic visual expression for over 30 years.  Currently, my work is being portrayed in a style called 'trompe l'oeil', which means 'fool the eye.' It is meant to give a very highly rendered illusion of 3-D reality, and this is achieved through the use of carefully created edges, highlights and shadows, darks and lights. It is a highly skilled form of painting requiring a lot of patience and perseverance! Practice, practice, practice - that's my motto.

I am just completing four years of being guided into this style of painting by Anthony Waichulis of Ani Academy Waichulis, from Pennsylvania, U.S.A. He is well-respected as one of the the leading trompe l'oeil Masters alive today. It has been an honor and a privilege to have been mentored by him, and I hold deep gratitude for the time he has spent with me. His unwavering patience and support of my progress has helped to build me into a highly skilled, professional and confident artist.  

Before I began painting trompe l'oeil, I had painted in a representational/realist style of work. I covered many subjects using the medium of oil paint: landscapes, portraits, and figurative narratives. I show some of the best of this work I had done on this site (all sold), along with my new work in trompe l'oeil.

As this site is new, I will share what I have done already. As I create new paintings I will post them as soon as possible.  Please keep coming back!

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